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Cannot Perform Mount Operation Error Nwsetdrivebase2

Disable protection in the profile temporarily. Events from * the outside (from the main mount namespace) propagate inside (to namespaces * of particular snaps) so things like new snap revisions, mounted drives, etc, * just show up You attempted to delete a profile that has protection enabled; however, Protection Manager is no longer installed, or no longer configured, or has expired. If multipathing in use, possible multipathing configuration error. weblink

Thanks. When Protection Manager is available again, return to the profile and delete it. Restore the repository that you backed up earlier. The retention class set for the local backups is not considered while deleting or freeing the local backups.When the local backups are transferred to a secondary storage system, the retention class https://forums.novell.com/showthread.php/143685-NWsetdrivebase2-error-mapping-drives

This // way the running application cannot alter any global state apart // from that of its own snap. You tried to create a clone or mount Snapshot copies from the secondary storage of the latest protected backup. Correct the restore specification file so that the mappings match the files to be restored.

Check local users and groups and ensure that the account is part of the ORA_DBA group. The archive log files are manually deleted from the archive log destinations. The SnapManager service account is not part of the ORA_DBA group. Disable protection in the profile temporarily.

All rights reserved.Part number: 215-08441_B0September 2015 ©2016 NetApp Contact Us Environmental Compliance How to Buy Feedback Careers Sitemap Legal Privacy Policy Subscriptions (RSS)| Skip to content Ignore Learn more Common SnapDrive for UNIX error messagesThe following table shows the common errors related to SnapDrive for UNIX: Error message Explanation 0001-136 Admin error: Unable to log on to filer: Please Check for the available space in the volume by using the clone split-estimate command. http://lists.disconnected-by-peer.at/pipermail/novell4gentoo/2007-July/000574.html Execution of process components (13,000 series) The following table shows the common errors associated with the process component of SnapManager: Error message Explanation Resolution SMO-13083: Snapname pattern with value "x" contains

This could be due to failure in the SnapDrive or storage system. You are trying to split a clone that is undergoing the split process. You tried to perform roll back of a host, which does not exist in the new repository version. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time.

Using commands, you attempted to mount a backup that has its storage resources freed. http://winbytes.org/help/cannot-perform/cannot-perform-mount-operation-error-nwsetdrivebase2.html SMO-06045: Cannot free backup because the storage resources for the backup have already been freed You attempted to perform the backup free operation using commands, when the backup has been Run the RMAN CROSSCHECK ARCHIVELOG ALL command. must_snprintf(dst, sizeof dst, "%s/%s", scratch_dir, SC_HOSTFS_DIR); debug("performing operation: mount --bind %s %s", dst, dst); if (mount(dst, dst, NULL, MS_BIND, NULL) < 0) { die("cannot perform operation: mount --bind %s %s", dst,

The corresponding volumes might be read-only. have a peek at these guys SMO-13907: Split operation already running for clone label clone-label or ID clone-id. Data protection is not available because Protection Manager is not installed. Syntax errors in clone specification: [error: cvc-complex-type.2.4c: Expected elements '[email protected]://www.example.com [email protected]://www.example.com' before the end of the content in element [email protected]://www.example.com] You did not provide a value for a parameter in the

The term unbindable simply states that it cannot be bind // mounted anywhere. SMO-04906: Stop clone split operation failed with split-id split_id The split operation is complete. You have selected to disable protection for this profile. check over here This applies for Data ONTAP 8.1 7-mode as well as Data ONTAP operating in Cluster-Mode.

The following files could not be deleted. if (dirlen > 0 && dir[dirlen - 1] == '/') return true; // @subdir can look like "path/stuff" and when the directory separator // is exactly at the spot where @dir Change the port in the backup command, if needed.

SMO-04904: No clone split operation running with split-id split_id The operation ID is invalid or no clone split operation is in progress.

Enter the email authentication password. While setting up the backup profile, you attempted to enable protection on the backup so that the backup would be stored on secondary storage. LUN discovery error 0001-680 Admin error: Host OS requires an update to internal data to allow LUN creation or connection. Please try again later.

You must wait until the split operation completes. You attempted to create a profile; however, the dataset for the same database profile already exists. Remove or rename the old dump destinations before you create a clone. this content You are trying to split a clone that is already split.

Remove the offending variable. Protection Manager deletes the local backups created by SnapManager for Oracle The Protection Manager's Management Console deletes or frees the local backups created by SnapManager based on the retention policy defined Provide proper values during email configuration. ORACLE-30028: Unable to dump log file .

Note that we are using the path that is // based on the old root filesystem as after pivot_root we cannot guarantee // what is present at the same location normally. There could be multiple reasons for this error: No space in the volume. However, these profiles did not exist in the host of the earlier SnapManager version. Use the -force option to delete or free the backup.

The rootfs we start with // is the real outer rootfs. Provide a valid split ID or split label for the clone split status, result, and stop operations. LUN discovery error 0001-476 Admin error: Unable to discover the device associated with... SMO-14559: Sending email notification failed: .

Notification sending failed, because notification configuration is not available. LUN discovery error 0001-817 Admin error: Failed to create volume clone... : FlexClone not licensed Initial configuration error 0001-817 Admin error: Failed to create volume clone... : Request failed as space Continue creating or updating the profile. Try again after a successful backup.

Error messages associated with the restore process (3000 series)The following table shows the common errors associated with the restore process: Error message Explanation Resolution SMO-03031:Restore specification is required to restore backup This condition occurs when dataset conformance is in progress (when the baseline Snapshots are getting mirrored). LUN discovery error SMO-12111: Error executing snapdrive command "": SnapDrive for UNIX generic error Related concepts Snapshot copy naming Copyright © 1994-2015, NetApp, Inc. During recovery, SnapManager tries to mount the latest backup from secondary to feed the archive log files from secondary.Though, if there are any other backups, the recovery can succeed.

Enter the email authentication user name. ORA-01450: maximum key length (6398) exceeded.