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Cannot Obtain Information For Groupid Courier

The --with-mailuser and --with-mailgroup options are not documented anywhere in INSTALL, and you are not to use them directly. Otherwise, the authentication module should call the callback_func function, and return the same value that's returned by this function. yeschecking for f95 option to produce PIC... -fPICchecking if f95 PIC flag -fPIC works... yeschecking for gawk... this contact form

SourceForge About Site Status @sfnet_ops Powered by Apache Allura™ Find and Develop Software Create a Project Software Directory Top Downloaded Projects Community Blog @sourceforge Resources Help Site Documentation Support Request © Therefore, it will be necessary to install the configuration files /etc/pam.d/imap and /etc/pam.d/pop3. Note Not all PAM modules are compatible with Courier's authentication library. challenge is the base64-encoded challenge, which is followed by an ASCII newline character.

GNU/Linux ld.sochecking how to hardcode library paths into programs... auth_idle points to a function that will be invoked when no authentication requests are received for a couple of minutes, giving the authentication module an opportunity to close any database connections, disableinsecurepop3=n If "n" is 1, unencrypted POP3 access to this account should be disabled.

quota Optional maildir quota on the account's mailbox (and NULL if no quota is set). Government Printing OfficeNo preview available - 2009Common terms and phrasesaccess authorization action administrative agency alcohol testing amended application appropriate Atomic Energy Act byproduct material cense censee certification chapter cluding collection Commis AUTHTYPE_CRAMMD5 or AUTHTYPE_CRAMSHA1 This format is used with CRAM-MD5 or CRAM-SHA1. ranlibchecking for strip...

Other applications can make up names for their own settings, and use them in the same way. You can certainly overide the first two when compiling courier by using --with-mailuser and --with-mailgroup and I'd suspect you could overide the last two with --with-mailuid and --with-mailgid although, as Sam yeschecking whether a statically linked program can dlopen itself... https://sourceforge.net/p/courier/mailman/message/25848764/ passwd is an interactive command.

no such account, old password wrong, new password not acceptable). Instead of allocating a single userid and groupid per each mailbox, the same userid and groupid is used for all of them. Otherwise, the default expect script will actually be working, but you won't be the wiser. See README.authdebug.html for more information.

I'd never have considered configuring courier-authlib until I had a build of courier itself. this is my configure strings: For courier-authlib: [[email protected] Do you have any idea what it might be looking for when it's looking for "information for groupid" ? courier-0.65.0]# courierauthconfig --version --configfiles 0.63.0 userdb=/etc/sysconfig/authlib/userdb authdaemonrc=/etc/sysconfig/authlib/authdaemonrc authldaprc= authmysqlrc=/etc/sysconfig/authlib/authmysqlrc authpgsqlrc=/etc/sysconfig/authlib/authpgsqlrc mailuser=mail mailgroup=web mailuid=506 mailgid=501 sbindir=/usr/local/sbin may helpful to you,WANT your reply.thanks Best regards, Sharl.Jimh.Tsin (From China) 2010/7/31 Sharl.Jimh.Tsin : > No,i

The library contains several alternative authentication modules to choose from, described below. http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-obtain/cannot-obtain-a-pib.html yeschecking for shl_load... Example: userdb [email protected] set options=disableimap=1,sharedgroup=44 makeuserdb The option text string here is "disableimap=1,sharedgroup=44". have done some more digging with reference to the "courierfilter.c:378: error: syntax error before ',' token" build error..... > and then I change the paramters I pass into ./configure to >

Instead of granting access rights on individual mail folders to individual accounts, the access rights can be granted to an access group “name”, and all members of this group get the No. nochecking for suffix of executables...checking for suffix of object files... http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-obtain/cannot-obtain-patching-information.html Please don't fill out this field.

Account options Depending on the configuration of the Courier authentication library, accounts may have individual options associated with them. Note Additional configuration steps will be required to set up the PAM library to authenticate Courier's services. All Rights Reserved.

This will work for up to a couple of hundred accounts.

Running authtest The authtest command may be used to verify that the authentication library is working: authtest userid authtest userid password authtest userid password newpassword authenumerate Running authtest with one argument The /usr/local/etc/authlib/authmysqlrc configuration file defines the particular details regarding the MySQL database and the schema of the mail account table. I'm starting to think it is something to do with the SuSE kernel config, and a system call failing. The makeuserdb script compiles the account information into a GDBM or DB database file, which can be quickly looked up. /usr/local/etc/authlib/userdb is loosely equivalent in function to /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow, and

Replace UUU and GGG with the userid and groupid of the vmail account. response is a base64-encoded string that's followed by a second newline character. This field cannot be NULL. http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-obtain/cannot-obtain-patching-information-check-your-internet-configuration.html Finally, compile the database: # makeuserdb This command creates the actual database, /usr/local/etc/authlib/userdb.dat and /usr/local/etc/authlib/userdbshadow.dat from the plain text file /usr/local/etc/authlib/userdb.

Visit us here for more details: > http://ad.doubleclick.net/clk;226879339;13503038;l? > http://clk.atdmt.com/CRS/go/247765532/direct/01/ > _______________________________________________ > courier-users mailing list > [email protected] > Unsubscribe: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/courier-users > > Re: [courier-users] make error when compile the courier A LDAP_AUXOPTIONS of "shared=sharedgroup,disableimap" means that the LDAP attribute called "shared" contains the "sharedgroup" setting, as described previously; and an LDAP attribute of disableimap contains the setting of the same name. In the most simplest case, add a character field to the database, and put the field name into the MYSQL_AUXOPTIONS_FIELD, SQLITE_AUXOPTIONS_FIELD, or POSTGRESQL_AUXOPTIONS_FIELD configuration file setting. and run the command,it returns: [[email protected]

disableinsecureimap=n If "n" is 1, unencrypted IMAP access to this account should be disabled. courier-authlib-0.63.0]$ ./configure \ >> --prefix=/usr/local/courier-authlib \ >> --exec-prefix=/usr/local \ >> --sysconfdir=/etc/sysconfig \ >> --localstatedir=/var \ >> --with-db=gdbm \ >> --without-authpam \ >> --without-authldap \ >> --without-authpwd \ >> --without-authshadow \ >> sysgroupid Account's numeric groupid. See COPYING for ** distribution information. */ #include "courier_auth_config.h" #include "auth.h" #include "pkglibdir.h" #include "pkgincludedir.h" #include "authdaemonrc.h" #include "authldaprc.h" #include "authmysqlrc.h" #include "authpgsqlrc.h" #include "sbindir.h" #include "mailusergroup.h" #include "packageversion.h" #include

Account options The authentication library has a facility for keep arbitrary “name=value”-type settings, called “options”, for individual accounts. From: Sam Varshavchik - 2006-01-29 01:51:13 Attachments: Message as HTML Enda writes: > Sam Varshavchik wrote: > >> You do not need to know what they represent. >> >> The immediatechecking for env... /bin/envchecking for courierauthconfig... /opt/courier-authlib/bin/courierauthconfigCannot obtain information for groupid groupid: Success复制代码 收藏 分享 hmglly 发短消息 加为好友 hmglly 当前离线 UID3557帖子224精华2积分55阅读权限20在线时间65 小时注册时间2006-11-27最后登录2009-5-14 初级会员 2# 发表于 2007-4-26 09:53 | 只看该作者 你根本都没有指定group和user,它怎么能得到groupid呢?而且groupid是个数字,怎么成了“Success”呢? TOP So if anyone can point me at what might be required to have MAILUID and MAILGID set I'd much appreciate it....

Acquire, synchronize, organize, search, read, research, collaborate, you'll be able to do it all. sharedgroup=name Another option used by Courier-IMAP. username does not exist, password wrong, unsupported authentication type), return FAIL. The authpgsql authentication module This module reads the list of mail accounts and passwords from a table in a PostgreSQL database.

Note The application is responsible for actually implementing the options. It's normally run from a terminal. This setting restricts which virtual shared folders this account could possibly access (and that's on top of whatever else the access control lists say).