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Cannot Match Namelist Object Name Cutres

This only affects a couple of missions (and not item requests). Updated Tachyon URL referenced in the help menu. greatly improved the speed and cleanliness of scale_radius() by avoiding redundant matrix stack queries. It is clear now. Check This Out

Counterfire Pods removed from game. Wrote code that would remove reported pro-player cheating reducing chance of critical hits on normal and classic when XCOM soldier is flanked or exposed. Workaround, fine StreamingMaps[1]=( MapName="patch_militaryammo", Loc=( X=0, Y=0, Z=0 ), Rot=( Pitch=0, Yaw=0, Roll=0 ) ) from end of line 190 in DefaultMaps.ini, and change the[1] to [2] Medikit II bonus may The implementation for wkf_mutex_trylock() will always fail when compiled on archaic revs of MSVC that don't support TryEnterCriticalSection().

Updated the PLUMED plugin to be compatible with the next version of PLUMED, which has a different output format. Added the necessary code to adjust the Tachyon background sky sphere top/bottom normal projection values according to the view frustum definition. If the chance to hit is 100, smoke/dense smoke provides a flat -10/-20 defense, because we are unable to access how much greater than 100 the pre-smoke to-hit is. Updated the X3D export code, creating a new subclass that implements export for X3DOM version 1.1, which can only handle a subset of the X3D scene nodes possible in the full

Mayhem will now provide SAW/LMG damage bonus when using Rapid Fire and Flush Reward soldiers should now adopt your class coloration and headgear settings when class is selected Building/Tearing Down GeneLab/PsiLab Stacks with Thumper and MEC Close Combat advances. E. Anyway, it's fixed now.

MECs have slightly higher average timeout between missions New Item: Flak Ammo. Removed mobility penalty for taking Shock-Absorbent Armor perk. Armor Piercing Ammo item now available to MECs, SHIVs and Engineers, but won't help with shotguns or sidearms. http://forum.wrfforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1150 VMD now enumerates the OpenCL devices associated with each of the platform IDs it finds and lists their basic stats.

Cybernetics Lab is now called "Repair Bay," is much cheaper, and may be built from campaign start. Individual item damage chances exposed to ini in iWill variable. Added export of background color and gradient backgrounds for VRML2/VRML97 scene exports. Replaced the use of the IndexedFaceSet nodes with IndexedTriangleSet for the implementation of the X3D trimesh() method.

Once captured from WM_NCCREATE, we store the pointer using SetWindowLong()/SetWindowLongPtr() with GWL_USERDATA/GWLP_USERDATA. Added "Euro Female 1" English accented voicepack by Eveline Frei. To revert to old behavior of making all names upper-case use "psfcontext allcaps". Added comments regarding optional shading/lighting options that can be disabled by commenting out lines in the generated scene file.

Comment 7 Tobias Burnus 2013-03-30 10:18:48 UTC (In reply to comment #6) > This bug fixed by Tilo's patch. > Closing. his comment is here Also MEC suits from dead soldiers can be recovered again. Implemented the point_array() method for the X3D scene export subclass. Reduced base flamethrower damage by 2.

Fixed the AM1BCC charge calculation and also modified exec commands to catch the output from antechamber. Fix a single string that was being leaked in the FileRenderer destructor found with valgrind. The read file contains (see comments in the attached file): > > > > &info_adjoint adjoint%solver_type='direct'/ > > > > Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name 'direct' > > this contact form Added Drum Mags small item.

Fix bugs in atom selection statistics. It still suffers close-range penalties like sniper rifles (This a technical limitation -- disabling shot can't be divorced from short-range penalty), but otherwise operates like a rifle. Removed ifdefs for the field lines representation now that it's stable Removed all of the old VMDWITHORBITALS and VMDORBITALS ifdef tests now that this code is solid.

Players can still control frequency of all countries providing soldiers with ini edits.

It likely makes more sense to make this code smart enough to determine when the user has changed the molecule data, and warn them that the molecule data must be saved tracer(3:3) = 'O2 ', .true. / works. &namtoptrc getal = 7 tracer(1:1) = 'DIC ', .true. Fixed compiler warnings about casts, fixed some spurious seg faults from deleting bad pointers added copyrights. No longer crashes if it finds zero h-bonds for whole trajectory.

Any counterfire pods from previous versions will also convert to drum mags. Added docs for "label textthickness" Implemented new "label textthickness" command that affects all labels, similar to the behavior of the existing "label textsize" command. Revised VMD User's Guide and Installation Guide title pages multiseq: fixed a couple of non-latex quotes in the documentation autoionize: The old version of autoionize used the wrong definition of ionic http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-match/cannot-match-namelist-object-name-scee.html It runs fine with ifort.

Gave Canada a second starter bonus, "Cadre," which grants 4 corporals at campaign start. (They need to survive the first mission as rookies, more for technical reasons than anything). molefacture: Add Johan to the credits, and point people to the new antechamber download Updated OpenCL items to note that these are currently limited to those people compiling from source code. Updated code and comments in light of the fact that no variants of the Wavefront .obj format actually support per-vertex colors. Wrote code that would remove native bonus defense against psi attacks on brutal and impossible (+10/+20).

Added one more turn to initial timer on bomb missions Slight increase in meld timer Removed pier map from possible covert extractions Augment cost reduced to 60 meld Removed kill XP Interrogations should no longer remove two captives (if you have more than one), only one. Tobias said that it is presumably valid code and that it does not work (but never did with gfortran). Since Tachyon allows a broader range of Fog parameters than OpenGL (OpenGL ignores the density parameter when linear fog is enabled), this could result in incorrect shading.

Farewell Platform Stability, Bring 'Em On and Ready for Anything.