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The causes are numerous, and the solutions depend on what went wrong. WordPress users (like us) know how frustrating it is to stumble into an unexpected error and not be able to find a solution for it. The process is as following: Install wordpress on new hosting through fantastico or similar app Delete everything in installed directory except for wp-config Copy everything from old wordpress data, except for Here you can find more information: How to fix the add_panel() error when customizer does not work.What if the Theme Customizer is loading without stylingIn very rare cases it is possible Source

Hongkiat.com Main Menu Design / Dev Technology Inspiration Social Commerce All Deals Search Hongkiat for: Reveal Search Form Reveal Off-canvas Navigation 10 Most Common WordPress Errors (With Solutions) Published by Kay Rarely, you might experience this problem if you've downloaded a plugin for WordPress that changes the way your browser cache behaves. If so – and you’re still seeing the white screen even though you’ve run through the steps above – you might just need to clear your site’s cache. Version updates will fix various bugs and security problems as users report them. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cannot-load-admin-login-page/

CharlesTenant Nice article.  I've turned off any auto updates for WP.  I also keep a back up copy of the entire site on Copy since they provide 20 gigs of free Again thank you for taking time to put info up, greatly appreciated Comments are closed. Inside the wp-content folder, locate the plugins folder. Download for free and go assemble the perfect page.

Otherwise, common problems that might cause WordPress to appear as though it isn't loading or saving your changes include making sure that you've uploaded the latest version of WordPress and you Not only can your audience not access your content, but you can’t make changes in WordPress either. share|improve this answer answered Sep 19 '12 at 14:14 Jay 36.8k66499 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote If you are using permalinks you will need to regenrate them after WordPress blog and admin Is showing blank page The problem: This error normally happens right after a new WordPress Themes installation or WordPress upgrade.

For example: "twentytwenty" to "twentytwenty-temp". If you remove a plugin incorrectly, it could cause multiple errors. When the white screen reappears, you’ll know which plugin is to blame. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/website-wont-load-cant-access-admin-panel/ I will try the troubleshooting recommendations.

Login to the Control Panel. Inside, you’ll see a number of folders, one of which should be plugins. Keep calm. Enjoy this post?

Have comments you want to share abou the errors and solutions above? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12496564/wordpress-pages-wont-load-after-hosting-transfer My issue is that there's so much I don't know about the guts of a WP site, that it's like trying to do surgery without going to med school. Don't panic… Here's what to do! All the links are not arranged properly.

Then find your active theme in the "themes/" folder and rename the folder of your active theme, e.g "spun" to "spun-old". http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-load/cannot-load-libphp5-so-into-server-cannot-load-specified-object.html And if you’ve tangled with the white screen of death previously, don’t click away yet! Pin it Change the URL in the input box of option_value. There’s no way to access the dashboard.

However, they are showing up in my admin page. The best way to fix the problem is to upload a working version of the file (we’ll use functions.php as an example) to WordPress using your FTP client. The white screen of death should be gone and you should be able to log in to WordPress. http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-load/cannot-load-activex-control-successfully-please-reopen-this-page.html New releases of plugins add features, but they also often fix bugs, including the one you might be having.

Pin it Look for your Username and click Edit. Load a site back up and then disable all your plugins. Go to "../wp-content/themes/(your active theme)/", download the functions.php file.

This is something that will happen to you at some point.

Upload the edited functions.php file to your FTP. Tried everything possible. This is true on most other administration screens as well.' ) . ‘

'; $help .= ‘

' . __( ‘Screen Options - Use the Screen Options tab to choose which Dashboard boxes Other times I reinstalled the latest version of WP to somehow kick out the problem.  I basically have a list of "maybe this will work" solutions that I try.

Due to the complexity and general finickiness of WordPress plugins, there’s a good chance a plugin is the source of the problem. Check if your theme is compatible with your version of WordPress. In Internet Explorer, hold down the Shift key while clicking the Refresh button. Check This Out I've used this successfully in the past, but recommend that you back up your data fully before trying it yourself.

The Fantastic Snow Text Generator - only $7! Image files can add require a large amount of storage space, too. You'll just have to deactivate the malfunctioning plugins until the author comes up with a new release that will be compatible with the new version of WordPress.9. Pin it Remove the .maintenance file from the blog root directory.

Log in to your web host via FTP FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol.