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Cannot Kill W3wp.exe

These are my application pool CPU settings: Also, if I kill the process, will the process be running as normal upon next request to the website, or do I have to Baden Württemberg Ticket usage Passing parameters to boilerplate text Can dispel magic end a darkness spell? Me I appreciate others advice. I get the same message "There is no running instance of the task." when i try to kill it with taskkill /f. http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-kill/cannot-kill-smss-exe.html

Gee!!! I suppose this is just my opinion, if my above findings are actually correct, but I think it's a valid opinion, and anyone else dealing with the issue directly would likely Cheers source http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff545499%28VS.85%29.aspx Reply Arjuna @ 9:56 am Although the system reboots, it's better than having the computer infinitely hanged and having to use computer power button to shut it off, In that case, a reboot is most likely the only resolution.

Reply Marc @ 11:35 am SORRY FOR THE ABOVE TWO COMMENTS, THEY ARE INCORRECT!! Fortunately no problem with hiding working opera window but annoying. April 29, 2009 Reply Mixmax @ 6:15 am I have the same problem. If it were fixed then I wouldn't complain.

February 2, 2010 Reply Ivan @ 4:41 pm It works, i had two stubborn process and this did the trick. you suck November 14, 2011 Reply nantheman @ 2:30 pm Doesn't work. OK, so now I've got to get this off my chest, and I need to say that I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone here or that I'm trying to be Did a thief think he could conceal his identity from security cameras by putting lemon juice on his face?

Likely the IT department wrecked their machine on purpose. Can't kill two renegade vlc processes. That's all. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20212932/iis-stopped-responding-w3wp-exe-cannot-be-killed Click on Start -> Type "CMD" in Textbox -> Press Enter.

Also, to the dude up top saying that FL Studio was crashing, odds are it has something to do with your ASIO4ALL or other hardware settings. Go to advanced system settings, and under the advanced tab the last thing you'll see is an environment variables button. However, search here or the rest of the web for something like "cannot kill process windows 7", you'll find a significant number of people having this same discussion, with no solution. the /f will force the closure without it it may still run regardless of the kill attempt November 22, 2015 Reply Mike @ 4:39 pm I used Comodo Killswitch and it

I used my Admin acct, same thing. http://serverfault.com/questions/279191/is-it-safe-to-kill-a-specific-w3wp-iis-worker-process-in-task-manager-on-iis-7 It was using 112 processes, it should (and normally does) look like this Reply dhv 22 Posts Re: IIS7 Problem - w3wp.exe process that wont be killed Nov 23, 2011 None of these are real power users either, just basic users running office and IE. FL Studio keeps crashing, (possibly something to do with that $2 midi dongle from ebay) and it just won't go away no matter what i try.

Now the next time you have an application that is hanging, and it's process will not end from Task Manager, make note of the process PID number in Task Manager. Check This Out C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies C:\Program Files (x86)\Reference Assemblies I'm a software developer and the permissions on these folders seem to be too restrictive to allow some of the Visual Studio engine work Friday, July 20, 2012 10:19 AM 0 Sign in to vote XP does this to me too. Left by Alastair Smith on Jun 23, 2010 4:24 AM Your comment: Title: *So what is this about?

Reply Kevin Joseph Remisoski @ 12:46 pm P.S. I'll try it out. On Windows 7 trying to kill Safari and also xpolorer it says it is killed but it is not, Tried with T switch - same thing. http://scriptkeeper.net/cannot-kill/cannot-kill-rtvscan-exe.html First of all, @watching the net did not create this app, Microsoft did, he merely posted how to use it.

You can check this by typing this at the prompt: whoami It should return SYSTEM. Now anytime when you hold down the CTRL key and press the SCROLL LOCK key two times, Windows Vista will automatically crash to a BSOD. Some processes seem to get completely stuck and it's hard to reproduce but when it happens I have not found any way to get rid of it.

Then I show my "Links" folder on my task bar by right-clicking my task bar (bottom bar in Windows), selecting Toolbars and then ensuring Links is selected.

But it had not, and the processes in question were still there in the list, same PID, etc, not gone. w3wp.exe - This is the image name we want to terminate. I appreciate his willingness to help people out because this utility (and the processes described) worked for him. Watching The Net is NOT "the maker of the program".

When I click OK I receive the following error. It's just highly frustrating when they do hang improperly, as I'm unable to terminate them and must perform a hardware reset to make them go away. look at the commandline for the w3wp.exe in question, to determine which app pool you wish to stop. have a peek here You will need to put them in a folder and add them to your path.